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Recover Photoshop File After Crash Mac

iphone deleted photo retrieval

Software to retrieve deleted photos from memory card

One Less Thing to Worry About

Emails, files, and digital photos are very important to your business and personal life. When one is accidentally deleted or goes missing, it can put a damper on an otherwise perfect day. And that’s where ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro comes in.

No More Lost Data

You can get any deleted data back by running ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro. It acts like a digital rescue team – retrieving important emails and files from the deep recesses of your computer’s memory. It can even recover lost digital photos from both your hard drive and digital camera’s memory card!

Recover Deleted Emails & Files

Take a second to think about how useful this could be. ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro can securely scan for and bring deleted email messages and digital photos back to life. It can also recover deleted email attachments and even partial files! That’s a powerful tool to have in your repertoire.


Care-free Data Recovery

You won’t have to ever worry about your finger accidentally hitting “Delete” again. ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro retrieves missing files from all kinds of different peripheral storage devices. It will also recover files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives, allowing you to search for “lost” text, or find your files by searching for just a keyword or single phrase. And there’s more…

Simple. Easy-to-Use. Top-notch Results:

  • Guides you through the steps of finding files and recovering them
  • Previews most files before recovery, search for text that might be in a lost file
  • Allows you to sort the list of what is recoverable to easily find what you are looking for
  • Is backed by an industry-leading customer care and support program